Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Hello friends! Sorry for not being active nowadays in blog. Maybe because i'm rather busy these days, and also because i'm more active in facebook now. In facebook there is much better interaction and easier photo sharing. So add my facebook as below to keep us up to date :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

MASUM 2009 - UM Squash Team

It was an exciting week in UUM for MASUM (Majlis Sukan University Malaysia) 2009. Ponteng 1 week class to join the um team for the men squash team event. I'm in specialized surgery posting for this week (neuro, plastic and paed surgery), anyway it's over d, hopefully doesnt affect much lar. This was a great opportunity and experience to go out and join the atlets from other Unis. I'm stepping into final year already, this would be the last chance to paint more colours in my Uni life.

I'm not the greatest squash player in UM, but few of the players were not managed to go, so Ronie and I were recruited to UUM, Kedah to fight for UM. Changlun, a place full of memory, a place where I took my pre-U course (Matriculation) 4 years ago, had changed alot. There is a new shophouses and huge supermarket, which was not exist during my time here. Anyway, it's good to come back here after many years.

UM squash team, which had 2 superb players (Fizul & Asraf), managed to get into semifinal in the tournament. However, we lost to UPM in semifinal with 2-3. It was a tough game, where I as the 5th player, was under great pressure to play the deciding game. The guy from UPM was very good (at least to me), I lost the first game, and beat him back on 2nd game, then he grabbed back the 3rd game, then i managed to win the 4th game to make it 2-2, and sadly on 5th game, I lost to him with 2 points. Just 2 points that we needed to enter Final. Anyway it was a great match. My thigh muscle is still painful after many days now. We beat UIAM and got 3rd at last.

Squash complex with 4 courts outside UUM campus

Hooray for um team!

With coach after receiving the medals

Relax la..

With UiTM team (champion)

Closing ceremony in Dewan MAS UUM

Squash team during closing ceremony on the stage

with manager Chia

Changlun new shopping mall

Time for lunch in Mas cafe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Neurosurgery, going into the brain with IGS (image guided surgery)

Wednesday was Dr. Dharmendra's OT day, we were lucky to have the chance to see the IGS performed on 3 patients. Moreover, three of them were using the different technique of IGS. Basically IGS is a image guided surgery, in which the computer helps the surgeon to identify and localize the lesion in the brain in order to perform some procedures such as biopsy, drainage etc.

Brain is the most vital organ in our body. Any small damage may cause serious impact on the patient function. Therefore, these modern technology help to localize the lesion to even less than 1 mm error, giving a much better operation outcome and reduce morbidity and mortality.

IGS uses the help from CT Scan and MRI, it can combine both images to produce the desire picture. 3 types of IGS are framed, frameless and making a preset pathway. The computer is from BrainLab, currently on trial period, and the technicians were there to explain and show the way to use the computer.

This is the first patient with frame. After CT scan immediate before surgery, the CT picture is transferred to the computer. After setting a preferred pathway to enter the brain for biopsy, the computer will calculate the angles for surgeons. You can see Dr. Dharmendra is setting the angles on the gadgets.

The top and bottom gadgets are set with the same angle to calibrate the accuracy. The needle touching right on the centre showing good accuracy.

After incise through the scalp, drilling is done to go through the skull.

One can see the drilled hole on the skull. Scary isnt it?

The second patient uses frameless technique, not as accurate as the framed one, but still has very high accuracy. Note that there are 'cameras' on the patient to identify the probe location.

The location of probe will be translate into the CT Scan of patient taken earlier. However, this technology doesnt show the insight view after procedure is performed eg. abscess drainage on this patient. Brain structure may change after drainage, thus the image is no longer accurate after that.

Third patient has a preset pathway to let the needle enter. A needle holder which looks like a robot hand, is set up based on the calculated angles. The biopsy needle will then enter the brain, and the computer will show on live of the needle entering.

Some gadgets of the 'robot' hands.

Aspirating the syringe to biopsy some tissue.

BrainLab computer

I'm in neurosurgery, plastic surgery and paediatric surgery for this 2 weeks. They are highly specialized surgical field, and I have no idea what's going on most of the time. But it's nice to have the chance to see how things work nowadays. I believe this opportunity is not available everywhere, as it requires a modern facilities, good technicians, suitable patients and skilled neurosurgeon (there are only very few neurosurgeon consultant in this country!)

Btw, we had lunch in OT (first time) with Dr. Dharmendra, he is very nice and we are glad to learn with him. Going for for MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia) in UUM Kedah today, playing squash. Gonna back on next Wed or Thurs, will miss quite a few classes. Hopefully I will pick up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flying Kites at Kepong

Second time climbing Batu Cave staircase

Last Sunday I had a wonderful birthday with my darling. I went to Batu Cave for the second time, and dropped by a place when on the way back to PJ. It was a famous kite flying place, well known in Kepong. Thanks to TC for introducing the place to me.

Simple but colourful rainbow kite, it's big!

It was located at the side of the highway, you won't miss it if you are driving on the MRR2 highway. There is a sign board stating "Awas! Kawasan Permainan Layang-layang" something like that, just keep left and you will find an entrance to the park. The parking is free and I find many locals went there for jogging and enjoy kites.

Is'nt it easy?

There is a big nice lake in the park with jogging track around it. Running 1 round would already make u sweat profusely. The scenery is beautiful, a good place for recreational activity. Right beside the parking, one can see many beautiful and colourful kites hanging nicely along the pathway to be sold. The kites are not that expensive, a normal simple one would cost about RM3,5,7 depending on the size and design.

Looks like dear need to run a bit to keep it flying

We bought a RM5 with rainbow colours :) It's big and easy to fly (according to the Tauke) It was windy and many people were on the spacious grassy field. The kites were very nice, got all kinds of cartoons, spiderman, batman, with special design and shape, looks cool! Flying the kite was not as difficult, just leave it on the air opposing the wind, and slowly release it. The wind was strong and it is very easy!

Lots of kites flying in the air. Each of them are unique and beautiful.

It was a fun place to hang out, can't believe there is such a relaxing recreational place with traditional activity going on. So many cars were parked beside the highway when we were leaving at 5 something. So plan a weekend there to relax your mind and bring back your childhood memory!

Our kite in the air!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A doctor's writing, can u read?

This is the handwriting seen commonly in the ward. Maybe it's not the worse, but can u read it? I had given up after attempting to imagine what are those 'symbols' representing.. finally end up not knowing what happen to the patient. Ask others? i think the person who himself wrote it might not able to read also haha :)

So, practice good handwriting, at least in a readable way.

If u can read them, kindly share it here :p

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eat Eat Eat! But watch out the price :p

Been to some places to eat recently, most of them are nice, but sometimes must watch out the price! Let's start from lower price :)

3rd college nasi goreng USA RM4, a place for dinner after jogging around UM, 
nice and satisfying (big portion)

Looking for fast food? Pizza is having promotion in lunch i think, 
but i went in dinner :p

SS2 Dim Sum. Second time having dim sum at KL since here for almost 5 yrs!
Not bad lar, but more varieties in Penang Dim Sum.

with friend AK

No time to look at camera also haha

William's corner. First time there with friends. Note the bottom plate of chicken spaghetti, guess how much? RM25! I think Italianese or Chilli's might also around that price, and it's only a mamak stall! 

Same place at William's, Chicken premium steak RM15. I think this is nicer and worth.
Lasagna meatball RM20, better try Pizza Hut's or Secret Recipe's, with half the price!

Currently in surgical posting now, rotating under general surgery. Relaxing? not really.. Have to cover ward (sien..), follow clinic, watch surgery in operating theater, go on-call, attend ward rounds (7am in morning!).. wat else? but it's not as stressful as Paeds :p 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to upgrade your Nokia phone?

I am using a Nokia 3120 classic, and i noticed many discussion about upgrading from firmware 7.16 to 9.41. Due to unknown reason (itchy hand), I tried to upgrade it. Thought of doing it long time ago but since I don't have the USB cable until yesterday when it comes with my father new handset.

First you need to have things below:
  • Nokia phone (Fully charged)
  • Nokia USB cable CA-101 (Cannot update via bluetooth, memory card etc.)
  • Stable and fast internet
  • Nokia software updater (download at
  1. Backup all your data in phone! (Menu>Setting>Sync & backup>Create backup)
  2. Save backup file in your memory card or better still in your computer
  3. Install Nokia software updater (NSU)
  4. Connect your phone to computer via usb cable
  5. Choose PC Suite in phone
  6. Load NSU and follow the instruction to complete
Upgrading is quite an easy and simple procedure, but my phone turn out to be 'taiwan-ised' when I noticed I can't type Chinese input in 简体 and pinyin 拼音. Otherwise it was okay. So I want to share my experience here of how to solve it, i think quite useful for other nokia model users also.

I googled around the net and learned that everyone has its own product code (in my case is 0564330), for the same model, it can have many product codes for different regions and countries. This is because with the product code, the NSU will install the relevant softwares including language package for that region. So in order to get the Chinese pinyin input, I found that the product code 0559100 has it. It has the firmware 9.41 also. By changing the product code, the phone should have the required language.

Warning! This is an invasive procedure, any error might cause damage to your phone. If you are using original nokia phone, better go to the authorised service centre to fix it. Although i doubt they will concern about the language thing.

Now you need another software: Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)
  1. Install NSS in your computer
  2. Connect your phone to computer via the same usb cable.
  3. Open NSS, click the top right button 'scan for new device'
  4. Click 'phone info'
  5. Click 'scan' under the action column
  6. Wait for all the details appear (about half a minute)
  7. Click the 'Read' on the right, the Product Code will appear
  8. Replace the previous product code with the new one (that you have found)
  9. Click 'Write'
  10. Close NSS
Now you can update your phone again using NSU, after finish downloading and installing, your phone is up to date!

Comments mentioned there are some upgrades in the video function, otherwise i have not noticed any major changes so far. So do it only after benefits are ascertained :p